First of July
Boat with Mama, Chew, and Poore from 7 to 10 1/2. Papa returned from NY.
2 Sun.
To church.
3 M.
Cold. To the city with Max. Mrs Green, Mr & Mrs McCalla came. To see Mrs Hopkins who returned from the country last Saturday.
4 Tues.
To see Victoria West, Thérèse de Chambrun.
5 Wed.
To the city. Papa to N.Y.
6 Th.
Admiral & Mrs Carter and Mr Lowery here. To the Soldiers home with Mrs McLane.
7 Fr.
To see the "State Department" with Mama and Max, showed Chew. Mrs and Miss Pendleton, Mr Charlton, Mr McL came.
8 Sat.
To the White House with Miss Frelinghuysen to hear the music played in the garden, passed through the crowd. Mlle de Chambrun and her brother came.
9 Sun.
Did not go to church because it was to hot. W. Phillips came.
10 M.
Mr Naima came.
11 T.
By coach with old Mr L.
12 W.
Mr Chew came.
13 Th.
All day with Mr West and Victoria.
14 F.
To see Miss Hopkins. Found Ade 3rd assistant secretary who is so deaf that he absolutely cannot hear anything unless it is said right in his ear.
15 S.
All day with Max, Chew, and J. Poore. Papa returned from NY.
16 Sun.
To Church. Mathilde came.
17 M.
18 Tues.
Papa left for New York. Count Lewenhaupt and Marquese de Chambrun and her daughter came.
19 W.
In the city with Mr and Mrs L. Chew came.
20 Th.
Mrs McCalla Mr Lowndes & Hopkins came. In the city.
21 F.
Mr McLane and Cout Lewenhaupt came. Mrs Hopkins.
22 Sat.
Mr Hanna came.
23 Sun.
At church. W. Phillims and Chew came.
24 M.
Mr Hanna took us, Mama, Max, and me, to visit the Jesuit Georgetown College. Also to Arlington. Chew and Mr. McLane came.
25 Tues.
Mrs Lowery and Hanna came.
26 W.
Mr and Mrs Hopkins and Chew came. Papa returned.
27 Th.
Roses from Chew. Hanna came. Dined at the Hopkins with Mr. F.
July 28
Left Washington 9:55. Mr Chew and Hanna saw us off.
29 Sat.
Arrived Bellows Falls after 4 P.M. found Aug. here.
Sun. 30th
To church.
Mon. 31
Walk to "table rock" with Aug.  & Max. Papa to Boston and back. Mrs & Miss Janet King.
Bellows Falls, Vt. August 1882
Tues. 1
Tea at the Kings.
Wed. 2
Drove with Miss Janet K. & tea there. Papa left for N.Y. and the West.
Th. 3
Dined at Kings.
Fri. 4
Not out. Not well.
Sat. 5
Miss J. King called.
Sun. 6th
Mamma & I took 7 O'Cl. at the Kings.
Mon. 7th
Left Bellow Falls at 9:10. To Pittsville where we stayed until 4. Mathilde came to the station to see me. We arrived at Stockbridge, Mass., at 5:45. We took rooms at the Pumb Cottage near the Stockbridge House where we ate.
Tues. 8
To see Mrs Ogden Edwards, who lives here. For the afternoon, in a coach with her. The country is very beautiful.
Wed. 9
Mr & Mrs Henry Sedgewick came, brought Miss Edwards Flores. Aunt Amalia arrived.

Aunt Amalia was the sister of Amy's mother Jane, Amalia de Coninck.

Thurs 10
To see the Edwards and Sedgewicks.
Mon. 21
To Lenox with all the family 2-6. To see Aunt Luisa, the cousins, Mrs Ch. Hoffman and Emily.
Tues. 22
Wed. 23
Road in the coach with Mr de Neufoille.
Thurs. 24
Max and I to Lebanon Springs and to the Shaker house with Mr & Mrs de Neufoille, Juliet and Mrs Parker. We left at 9:30, we returned after 7. Mrs Butter sent me peaches and flowers.
Fri. 25 and S. 26
Did not go out, except to go to Stockbridge where we ate. All day.
Sun. 27
To church.
M. 28
Lunch for Mrs Douglas Robinson, at the Tuckermans'. Mrs de Neufouille took me there and we went by coach afterward. Emily Hoffman, who had come for the lunch and wanted to go to the amateur minstrels tonight, took tea with us. All to the "Minstrels," among whom was our cousin Alex Mason. Later went to the dinner at the house of Mrs Doane.
Tu. 29
Went in the coach with Mr. H. Sedgewick and his cousin Laura S. Tea at the Butter house.
W. 30
Mrs Sedgwick and her daughter "Blossom" came. Emily W. from Lenox on hourseback to invite me to spend the night of the 9th, when there will be a "hop." To say goodbye to the Edwards.

Robert M. Gray, September 23, 2005