Th. 1
To read with J. To pay Mrs Aldis for the socks that her daughter bought for me in NY. $2.50. To see Sister Angela, Mrs Bancroft Davis.
F. 2
To see Mathilda, Minn. Stout, & Mr L. Dr & Mrs Carter here and Josephina.
S. 3
Picnic to Great Falls by the canal which passes by beautiful country. (11 hours)
Sun. 4
To Church. Baron Schaeffer, Mr. Bl., Min. Stout came. Papa returned from from the ???. Went to the Robesons' with the Storys.
M. 5
Mr. Bl. came.
T. 6
To see Mrs Mackay, Pollok, Story, Lewenhaupt, Martinez, Ferguson. Mr Blaine dined here.
W. 7
Papa went away for N.Y.
Th. 8
As all these days, to look for recomendations for servants. With Mama in the city.
F. 9
Dined with the Martinez. Ginny and her father, Mr Lowndes, Mrs Robeson and Min. came.
Sat. 10
To see Mathilde. Papa returned from N.Y.
Sun. 11
Mr. Bl. came with his oldest son, for the night. We went to see Mr. L.
M. 12
With Mama to see the Bl., de Chambrun.
T. 13
In the city all morning. For the night at the Bliss' "Meeting of the Book Club." Mrs McLane here.
Wed. 14
To say good bye to the Levys. At the Freylinghausens. Jeanie Pendleton came.
Th. 15
For the morning conducted Max to the distribution of prizes at the Academy of the Visitation. For the afternoon, with Papa & Mama to Quantico. We returned (all for the picnic) at twelve, having walked from the wharf to the street.
F. 16
Mathilde and the Hopkins came. Did not go out.
Sat. 17
For the morning to ask for recomendations for a cook. For the afternoon at the "Soldier's home" with Josefina, Laura, and Max.
Sun. 18
Did not go out. Ginny came to say good bye and Mr. Bl. for the night.
M. 19
Did not go out. Mathilde and Mme de Chambrun and her sun came, and Mr. J. Chew, and Miss L. Frelinghausen.

According to Mrs James G. Blaine, John Chew was with the State Department in 1872.

T. 20
With Mama to see Mrs Ross Bay, Barras, Turnbulls. Josefina came. Also Mr. Bl.  to take me to see his new house. Papa went off for N.Y.
21 Wed.
In boat ??? with Thérèsa de Chambrun Mrs Pool and J. Chew returned to dine here and Mme de Chambrun.
22 Th.
For the night to see the Pendletons.
23 F.
In boat with Richardson, Chew, and Helena.
24 S.
Josefina, J. Chew, Lowndes came. To the musical at the White House.
25 Sun.
I stayed in bed all day with a headache and nausea. Occasional thought for the high fever which did not permit me to sleep or eat. Mama and I dined at the English Legation with Mr and Mme du Puy de Lome and the secretaries Howard and Charlton. Mr Bl.  came twice to say good bye and we did not see him.
26 M.
Josefina came to say good bye. Chew for the evening and conducted us to eat ice cream.
27 Tues.
Mr Hopkins and Mr Lowery came.
28 W.
To see Mathilde. The Martinez left for Longbranch. Baron Schaeffer came.
29 Thursday
Boat with Mrs Story, Mr Chew & Mr Hannat. We returned around eleven Beautiful moon. Mr McLane came.
30 F.

Robert M. Gray, September 23, 2005