M. 1 May
For the evening at (???). By coach with Col. Bliss.
T. 2
For the evening at the White House, with the Hopkins.
W. 3
Mrs W. Lowery, Miss Loring, Mrs Richard Bingham. (???) to read with Josefina Martinez.
Th. 4
To see mrs Hale, Blaine, Emory, Mercer, Chapman. Dined at the Lewenhaupts. (Mr & Mme de Struve, Mr & Mme de Vava, Mr & Mme Outrey, (he conducted me) Villarmon, Bening, Aristarchi Bey) Josefina here to read.
F. 5
Did not go out.
S. 6
Sun. 7
" Baron Schaeffer and Mr. W. Blair came.
M. 8
In the city with Mama. The Marquesa de Chambrun, Mr. Blaine, and Josefina Martinez came.
T. 9
To read with Josefina. Atrocious heat.
W. 10
I did not go out because I had to wait for Mama who (???).
Th. 11
Gave to Helena books and things that I had. To read with Josefina. To see Mathilde and Count Lewenhaupt. Left by coach with Mrs Wadsworth. Mr Blaine, Ginny, & Miss Williams came.
F. 12
Ethel Robeson and Carrie Storey lunched here. With Mama to see Mrs & Miss Rodman (from Boston), Mrs. Pet. Parker, Pollok, Slack, Jay.
Sat. 13
To see Miss Knight, Mrs Phelps & Hopkins. Miss Rodman here.
To church. Mr Blaine here.
M. 15
To see Mathilde and M. Stout, to read with Josefinia. Mathilde here. In the city with Mama.
T. 16
To read with Josefina. To see Mrs Phelps, Loring, Jay, Storey, Miss Knight, Biddle, Worden. Always looking for servants. Miss Levy and Miss Lowndes here. Mamma with me to the Hill's.
Wed. 17
Mr.  Blaine came. To the Outrey's. To see the Freylinghausens.
T. 18
To see Lowery, Miss Eustis.
F. 19
Mr. & Mrs Anderson, Aulick Palmer, Pendleton, Mr. Blaine came.

To see Mrs Palmer (the elder) at the convent to hear Max play in a trio with the Outreys. Saw Sister Angela, ??? interested me more that ??? that I had seen in my life.

Mrs. James G. Blaine thanks her sons for having attended "Mother Angela's funeral" in March 1987.

Sat. 20
To see Mrs Hopkins. Mathilda here to play piano. Mrs Wadsworth lunched here.
Sun. 21
At Church. Mr. W. Blair, Blaine, L. Phillips.
To see Mrs Anderson Mrs Lawrence. Miss Chapman here to say goodbye.
T. 23
To Brentwood with the coach of Mrs Loring. For the night to see Mme Outrey. Mr. Lowery here and Mrs Gordon & Wagner.
W. 24
To see the Frelinghuysens. Outrey.
Th. 25
Mathilde, Ginny, Mrs. Jay & Aldis came. We went to see the Pendletons, Allison, Hill, Robeson. The Outreys went away.
F. 26
To see Sister Angela who is sick and could not receive me, and Mathilda.
Sat. 27
Freylinghuysen's picnic at Mrs Vernon's. 30 People. Dined at the Pollacks. Baron Schaeffer conducted me. Josephina here.
Sun. 28
Did not go out.
M. 29
Did not go out. Mrs Martinez and Jos., Mrs Machey, Thérèse de Chambrun.
T. 30
To see Victoria West. Mrs Campbell & Charlton, Josephina, Dr. Landes came here.
W. 31
With Mama to see the Frelinghausens, McLanes, Mrs Nich Fish, Countess Lowenhaupt, ???. Josephina here, Mr. Blaine, Leeds, Count & Countess L.?

Robert M. Gray, September 23, 2005