15 April
I could write for an hour three times a day_ having gained two minutes each day in my reading. Yesterday lunched with Martha Silsbee, Mathilde, and Emily Ogston who was with her aunt Robeson. Mrs Hopkins, Woodworth, Blanchford,and Miss Jones Grattan and Miss Carter, Mr Blaine, Mrs Jay came.
18 Sat.
Lunch at the Pendeltons'. Today came Mrs Schoenberger, Miss Torrey, Liz. Linzee, Ct Lewenhaupt.
Th. 20 April
Permission from the doctor to do as much as I wish. Lunch with Lola Mercer. To see Mrs Jay and her sister Sybil Kane, Mrs Judge Miller. Came here: Mr Blaine, Mr and Mrs Ferguson, Mrs Park. For the evening to the Freylinghausens.
F. 21
Lola Mercer, Miss Emory, Mrs Hill, Maud Ledyar, Mrs Hale. Left with Mama for the morning. With Emilie Ogston in coach for the afternoon.
Sat. 22
To the grand marke with Mama and Miss McCalla from 10 until 1l. For the afternoon to see Count Lewenhaupt, Miss Eustis, Mrs Phillips.
Sun. 23
It rained, hailed, and snowed all day. I did not go out. Mrs J. Rogers came.
Rear Admiral John Rogers, USN, (1812-1882) was the superintendent of the Naval Observatory.
Mon. 24
Victoria West lunched here. Went out with Mama to make a visit to Mme de Struve, Rives, J. Carter, de Chambrun, Pendleton, Gittings, Lee, Rogers, Moltey, Wales. For the evening at the Hopkins to meet Mr and Mrs Drummond.
T. 25
Lunched at the Hales. (Mrs Craig & Mrs James Wadsworth, Miss Frelinghuysen, Turnbull, Travers, Gin. McL_ To see Mrs Miller (Wise) Knight, Cropper, Mrs and Miss Frelinghuysen, Mr and Mrs Drummond.
W. 26
Lunch at the Blaines. Mr and Mme Gardini (Genster) who still sings, Mr and Mrs Drummond, Mr and Mrs Whitney, Mrs Cameron, Mrs Arch. Hopkins, Miss Lawrence Hopkins, Capt Bartell. For the evening danced at the British Legation. Mrs Wadworth and Miss Aldis came.
Th. 27
Mme de Struve, Dr and Mrs Shirley Carter Mr Lowndes, Ginny, Josefina Martinez with whom I went out by coach. Mrs Pattison.
F. 28
Visit to the Turnbulls.
Sat. 29
For the evening at the Hopkins to see two Indians, Zuni chiefs, to hear Mr Cushing, who had become one of them to study their customs and literature, and discuss with General Armstrong the Indian question. There were no young people, exept senators and other politicos with several of their women. Lunched at the Robesons. Paid visits to Miss Eustis, Mrs Lawrence Hopkins, Countess Lewenhaupt. Mme de Nogueiras here and Mr. Blaine.

General Samuel Chapman Armstrong (1839-1893) was an educator and philanthropist as well as a soldier. He founded the Hampton Institute in 1868 in Hampton, VA, as an industrial school for African-Americans and led the school until his death.

Sun. 30
Mr Blaine came. Emily Ogston came to say good-bye. For the evening at the Lorings'.

Robert M. Gray, September 23, 2005