W. 1
Did not go out. Ida and Miss Ogden came.
Th. 2
Gin. McL., Mrs Hopkins, Wadsworth here. Misses Williamson. To see Mathilde, who was sick. To the Lippitt's to hear the general read "Vatel," com. in one act for (???). In the evening at the Freylinghuysen's. Papa arrived from N.Y.
Fri. 3
Fifth time that I went to see Dr. Loring. To say goodby to Ida, to make visits with Victoria West. Mrs Blaine and Miss Dodge, Dr Peter Parker here.
This entry is the first time that "Miss West" becomes "Victoria West."

At this point the entries cease to be for every day.

Sat. 18
Aunt Alice came with her father and Elsie from Baltimore for the day.
21 of March
Dined at the house of General Meigs. First time that I went out for the night since Dr. Loring put the Belladonna in my eyes on the seventh of this month. Still I am too blind to read or do anything.
23 Thursday
I can see to read and write but my eyes are still too weak. Yesteday I went to Camera with Mrs Jay. The Mrs McLane, Kasson and Tucker came. (???) the Chinese question. Mrs Robeson and Emily Ogston, Miss Loring, and Miss Toughton came here. Mrs Cameron, Mrs Davenport.
24 F.
Mr. Blaine and Mathilde came. For the evening at the Millers with Josefina Martinez_ Did not go out.
25 Sat.
Cap. de la Chère, Mrs Miller (Hopk), Schuyk, Lowery. For the evening at the Wadworths. Now I do not bring my dark glasses except in the sun. Still I cannot occupy myself except several minutes at a time.
22 March
Papa went away for Cherry Creek.

Robert M. Gray, September 23, 2005