Sun. 1
To Grace Church. After to see Mme Noessareth, who was in Europe. Miss Morgan and Mr ??? came.
Mon. 2
Lunch with Aunt Louisa. To ??? with Josie.
Tues. 3
Chew came. To the 14th St theater. With Jefferson in "Bob Acres."
Th. 5
To say goodbye to Mme Chaffraix.
F. 6
Quit N.Y. and arrived in Washington. Papa to Boston. Aunt Amalia with us.
Sat. 7
Aunt A. gave me $42. With Mrs Hopkins to visit the house of Mrs Miller. 18th St. For the Kings of Bellows Falls, Vt.
S. 8
To St. John's with the aunt and Max.
M. 9
Count Lowenhaupt and Mr Lowndes came.
Tues. 10
Mr. Lowery came. I to see Victoria. Met Mathilde and walked with her. Aunt A.  washed my hair.

1777 Mass. Av.

W. 11
With Aunt A. & Max to the Agricultural Dept.
Th. 12
Thérèse de Chambrun came. Papa returned.
F. 13
Mathilde came. Mr Phillips came.
S. 14
To see Mathilde and Sister Angela. 
S. 15
To Epiphany with Max. For the afternoon with Mama, to see the Countess Lewenhaupt. Mrs Philips came with her son Lee.
M. 16
Aunt Amalia went away. I spent 2 hours looking for Max at Mrs Hilton's school.
T. 17
With Max to the Library of Congress. I took the first two volumes of the memoires of St Simion and the novel of a poor young man "de Feuillet."

Papa left for N.Y.

W. 18
To visit T. de Chambrun where I met Mr and Mrs Pollack, who took me home.
Th. 19
Chew came. I did not go out.
F. 20
Mr and Mrs Aulich Palmer and Countess Lewenhaupt came.
Sat. 21
Miss Lee and Mr Lowery came. Road in the coach with Vict. West.
Sun. 22
Mr Hanna came.
M. 23
To see Mrs Johnson, Pollack, Phillips, Fay Everett, Chambrun. Mr and Mrs Pollac came to see me to go out in a coach.
T. 24
Dr Smithe filled a tooth. Two hours.
W. 25
Mama and I in coach with Mr & Mrs Pollack. Mr and Mrs Sidney Everett came, Thér. de Ch., and the Mrq. de Polestad and Capt. Story came.
F. 27
With Capt Story to the top of the Washington Monument. Mrs Pollock, Mr Chew and Mr Hanna came. Papa returned from N.Y.
Sat. 28
Chew sent me flowers and grapes. To see Mrs F. Loring, Mrs S. Irving and Mr Davenport here. In the evening to the Pollacks with Papa and Mama. Part for Commandant Frangeul of the "Canada" that brought us to America.
S. 29
To St John's with Count Lewenhaupt. Mr Hopkins came to look for me to talk about a certain Leo Saratoff, a Russian boy of 16 years who said he had left his parents in St Petersburg because he did not wish to go ??? and had come to America, thinking to find a sister of his in Baltimore who could give him work.
M. 30
To see Victoria West and the Noquerias. Mathilde came with me. Mr Hopkins came after dinner. Met Mr. Williamow, the secretary of Russia, who treated this Leo Sarratoff as an imposter.
T. 31
Left with Papa. Slept at the Hopkins. Mr Poore came.

Robert M. Gray, September 23, 2005