GP/EE 140. The Earth from Space: Introduction to Remote Sensing

An introduction to the principles and applications of remote sensing (duh).

GP/EE 60Q. Man vs. Nature: Coping with Disaster using Space Technology

A look at how natural processes affect human life on Earth and how we can manage these forces using modern technology.

EE 168. Introduction to Digital Image Processing

How images are generated and manipulated using digital computers.

EE 254. Radar Principles

Introduction to classic radar and radar remote sensing, with attention to how signal processing has enabled new radar systems and methods.

EE 262. Two-dimensional Imaging

2-D Fourier transforms and how they are used to create imaging systems such as MRI, seismic Earth imaging, radio interferometers, Doppler medical systems, and imaging radars.

EE 355/GP 265. Imaging Radar and Applications

Advanced class in signal processing for high-resolution imaging radar systems and their applications.