Publication # 356

356. J. E. Roth, O. Fidaner, E. H. Edwards, R. K. Schaevitz, Y.-H. Kuo, N. C. Helman, T. I. Kamins, J. S. Harris, and D. A. B. Miller, “C-band side-entry Ge quantum-well electroabsorption modulator on SOI operating at 1 V swing,” Electronics Lett. 44, 49 – 50 (2008)

An electroabsorption modulator using a side-entry architecture achieved a contrast ratio exceeding 3 dB over a 3.5 nm range in the C-band, using a voltage swing of 1V and operating at 100ºC.  Modulation was due to the quantum-confined Stark effect from 10 Ge/SiGe quantum wells epitaxially grown on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) wafers.  The device exploits an asymmetric Fabry-Perot resonator formed between the totally internally reflecting air-SiGe interface and a frustrated total internal reflection from the buried oxide layer of the SOI substrate.

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