Publication # 163

D. A. B. Miller "Novel analog self-electrooptic-effect devices" IEEE J. of Quantum Electronics, 29, 678-698 (1993).

Circuits and modes of operation for quantum-well self-electrooptic-effect devices (SEEDs) are proposed that allow analog processing of optical images and arrays. Analog functions performed include addition, subtraction, uniform amplification, replication, spatial differentiation, convolution, cross-correlation, and optically controllable weights for matrix-vector processors or neural networks. Many of the devices can operate with differential parts of light beams, allowing full bipolar analog processes, and other devices can convert between differential and single-beam representations. Many of the circuits could be made using the existing SEED array process. The devices should be sensitive enough to allow direct processing at video frame rates of scenes under normal room illumination. Operating speeds of up to nanoseconds are predicted for proportionately higher powers


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