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Brad Osgood

Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs
School of Engineering
475 Via Ortega, Huang 135
Stanford, CA 94305-4027

Electrical Engineering Department
350 Serra Mall, Packard 271
Stanford, CA 94305-9510

Recent Courses

EE261   The Fourier Transform, etc.
Autumn Quarter 2014/2015, MWF 10a-10:50a

EE10SC   Mathematics of the Information Age

Academic Office Hours

Monday 11:00a-12:00pm Packard 271
Tuesday 3:00p-4:00pm Packard 271
Wednesday 11:00a-12:00pm Packard 271

Dean's Office Hours

Thursday 1:30p-3:00p Huang 135




Current research projects include:
  • Efficient sampling and reconstruction techniques for discrete signals.

  • Geometry and combinatorics for families of higher dimensional Bezier curves.
  • Analysis and geometry of two-dimensional harmonic maps and their lifts to minimal surfaces.

Contact Details:
Brad Osgood
(650) 723-4002

SOE Student Services:
Darlene Lazar
(650) 723-5984

EE Assistant:
Marie Hamel
(650) 497-6217