Current Research Topics

Papers are posted under respective research areas.

Devices and Subsystems

  • Optical frequency comb generators using resonator-enhanced electro-optic modulation.
  • Single- or multi-mode optical fibers: optimization-based design.
  • Multi-core erbium-doped fiber amplifiers.


  • Data center systems: optical interfaces co-packaged with electrical switches; low-power coherent optical receivers; frequency comb-based systems.
  • Ultra-long-haul submarine systems: optimized optical amplification and spatial multiplexing.
  • Ultra-long-haul spatially multiplexed systems: impact of polarization- or mode-dependent gain; mitigation via diversity and nonlinear detection methods.
  • Fiber Kerr nonlinearity mitigation using line coding.
  • Free-space optical communication: stochastic eigenmodes of turbulent channels; modal turbulence compensation methods; spatial multiplexing.
  • Free-space optical transfer of frequency, time and position.

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    Last modified: September 3, 2020.