Joseph M. Kahn

Joseph M. Kahn is a Professor of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. He received a Ph.D. in Physics from University of California, Berkeley in 1986. His achievements include: first successful synchronous (i.e., coherent) detection using semiconductor lasers (1989); first probabilistic shaping in optical communications (1999); founding of StrataLight Communications, market leader in first-generation phase-modulated fiber transmission systems (2000); first electronic compensation of fiber Kerr nonlinearity (2002), which led to digital backpropagation (2008); and elucidation of principal modes in multimode waveguides (2005), which led to statistics of strongly coupled modal group delays and gains/losses in multimode systems (2011). Kahn received the National Science Foundation Presidential Young Investigator Award (1991) and is a Fellow of the IEEE (2000).

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Last modified: June 14, 2020.