March 30, 2001 Flight Over Yosemite

Note: All photos can be seen at higher resolution by downloading. In most browsers this is accomplished by right-clicking on the photo and then selecting an option such as "Save Picture As" (Windows) or "Save Image to" (Mac OS X). With a single button mouse, control-clicking (holding the CTRL key while clicking) usually is equivalent.

My glider appears to be flying up a canyon, but that is an artifact of the telephoto lens. In actuality I am about 2,500' above the rim of the canyon, but I like the image of man and machine challenged by Nature and successfully meeting that challenge via natural forces. All photos on this page are courtesy of John Morgan.



Another dramatic shot of man and machine challenged, yet at one, with Nature.



While there are close ups of the Stemme that better show its elegant lines, I love the the clean, symmetrical shape of the ship contrasted with the chaotic beauty of clouds and mountains. The next and last photo in this series is a variation on that theme. Again, the telephoto lens gives a dramatic but incorrect perspective of the glider's position with respect to the clouds. In reality, there is much greater separation than appears.


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