Ph.D. Students of J.W. Goodman

Year Name

1967 Gordon R. Knight (Chief Executive Officer, Nanochip, Inc.)

Effects of nonlinearities in wavefront reconstruction imaging

1968 Jack D. Gaskill (Professor Emeritus, Optical Sciences Center, Univ. Arizona)

Holographic imaging through a randomly inhomogeneous medium

1968 Albert Macovski (Canon Professor, Emeritus, Stanford Univ.)

Efficient holography using temporal modulation

1969 Richard A. Baugh (Hewlett-Packard, Retired)

High-efficiency volume holography

1970 F. Donald Russell (Chief Scientist, Retired, Loral Data Sytems)

Predetection and postdetection filtering for improved resolution in optical systems

1971 Antonio M. Silvestri (Senior Staff Engineer/Program Manager, ESL/TRW)

Digital image formation and Fourier domain quantization

1971 John F. Walkup (P.W. Horn Professor Emeritus, Texas Tech Univ.; Faculty Commons)

Limitations in interferometric measurements and image restoration at low light levels

1971 William T. Rhodes (Professor, Florida Atlantic University)

An optical array technique for removal of atmospheric aberrations in astronomical imaging

1972 Alexander A. Sawchuk (Chair, EE-Systems, Professor, USC)

Space-variant image motion degradation and restoration

1973 David C-K. Chu (Hewlett-Packard)

Spectrum shaping for computer generated holograms

1973 Mete Severcan (Professor, Middle East Technical University)

Computer generation of coherent optical filters with high light efficiency and large dynamic range

1974 Daniel A. Tichenor (Distinguished Technical Staff Member, Sandia National Laboratory)

Extended range spatial filters for image deblurring

1974 Kalyan Dutta (Lockheed Palo Alto Research)

Sampling and restoration of images formed in partially coherent light

1975 James R. Fienup (Robert Hopkins Professor of Optics, University of Rochester)

Improved synthesis and computational methods for computer-generated holograms

1975 Robert S. Powers (Retired)

Quantization errors in computer generated holograms

1979 Eric W. Hansen (Associate Professor, Dartmouth College)

Image reconstruction from projections using circular harmonic expansions

1979 John F. Belsher (Optical Sciences Corporation)

Space variant and parametric nonlinear restoration of photon-limited images

1979 Peter Kellman (U.S. Government)

Time integrating optical signal processing

1980 Alan Huang (Terabit Corporation)

Number theoretic processors

1980 Antonio R. Dias (Consultant)

Incoherent optical matrix-vector multiplication for high-speed data processing

1981 Jerry L. Erickson

Linear acousto-optic filtering with hetrodyne and frequency-plane control

1981 Masud Mansuripur (Professor, University of Arizona)

Statistics of noise in photodetection: applications in magneto-optic recording

1981 Young Dae Kim (Hewlett-Packard)

Fiber optic time domain reflectometers: approaches to performance improvement

1982 Herbert W. Swan (Senior Research Engineer, ARCO Oil and Gas)

Imaging through atmospheric turbulence via cepstral averaging

1982 John R. Mandeville (IBM Corporation)

Restoration of binary images from discrete scan data

1983 Kristina M. Johnson (Provost, Johns Hopkins University)

Holographic reciprocity law failure, with applications to the 3-D display of medical data

1984 Behzad Moslehi (President, Intelligent Fiber-Optic Systems)

Fiber-optic lattice signal processing

1984 Qizhi Cao (Executive Director, Novel Industries Company, Hong Kong, Shanghai;
              Managing Director, General Manager, Shanghai Novel Display Company, Shanghai)

Coherent optical techniques for computing eigenvalues and inverses of circulant matrices

1984 Ray-Hong Park (Professor, Sogang University)

A comparison of methods for suppressing speckle in coherent images

1985 Ellen Ochoa (Astronaut; Deputy Director, Flight Crew Operations, Johnson Space Center)

Real-time intensity inversion using four-wave mixing in photorefractive crystals

1985 W. Philip Kegelmeyer (Sandia Labs)

Rigorous segmentation of speckled imagery

1986 Fred E. Babian (Software Engineer, KLA-Tencor)

Optical defect detection limits in semiconductor wafers and masks

1986 Paul S. Idell (Boeing Laser and Electro-optics)

Optimum imaging concentrators

1986 Raymond K. Kostuk (Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of Arizona)

Multiple grating reflection holograms with application to optical interconnects

1987 Bradley D. Clymer (Associate Professor, Ohio State Univ.)

Optical clock distribution

1987 Roy M. Matic (Research Staff Member, Hughes Research Labs)

Optical predetection processing for partially coherent systems

1989 Jehosua Bruck (Gordon and Betty Moore Professor of Computation and Neural Systems & Electrical Engineering, Cal Tech)

Computing with networks of threshold elements

1989 John Downie (Corning, Inc.)

Wavefront control and correction with adaptive segmented mirrors

1990 Timothy Wilkinson (Senior Member of the Technical Staff, The Aerospace Corporation)

New techniques for handwritten signature verification

1990 Michael W. Farn (Fenwick & West, LLP)

Design and fabrication of binary diffractive optics

1991 Larry R. McAdams 

Photonic switching with liquid crystals

1991 Dorothy Mighell Pender (Pipeline Maintenance Engineering Supervisor, Alyeska Pipeline Service Company)

Neural Networks and Handwritten Signature Verification

1991 Robert McRuer

Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Optical Switching Networks

1991 Haldun M. Ozaktas (Professor of Electrical Engineering, Bilkent University)

A Physical Approach to Communications Limits in Computiation

1992 Barry L. Shoop (Professor, U.S. Military Academy, West Point; COL, U.S. Signal Corps.)

Optical Oversampled Analog-to-Digital Conversion

1993 Ireena Erteza (Senior Member of the Technical Staff, Sandia National Labs)

A variational analysis of rectangular dielectric waveguides using Gaussian modal approximations

1996 Gibong Jeong (Cadence Design Systems Inc.)

Optically-Switched Multiwavelength Networks

1997 Jane Lam (Director of Design, NeoPhotonics)

 Design of arrayed waveguide gratings for optical wavelength division multiplexing

2000 Edmund Y. Lam (Associate Professor, The Hong Kong University)

Image restoration for monochrome digital photography