Quantum Mechanics for Scientists and Engineers

David A. B. Miller

Cambridge University Press, 2008

This book introduces quantum mechanics to scientists and engineers. The level and approach are aimed at anyone with a reasonable scientific or technical background looking for a solid but accessible introduction to the subject. The coverage and depth are substantial enough for a first quantum mechanics course for physicists. At the same time, the level of required background in physics and mathematics has been kept to a minimum to suit those from other science and engineering backgrounds. With the growing interest in nanotechnology, quantum mechanics has recently become increasingly important for an ever-widening range of engineering disciplines, such as electrical and mechanical engineering, and for subjects such as materials science that underlie many modern devices.

Book availability

The book is available from the following websites and other booksellers.

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On-Line Resources

Extensive on-line resources for students and teachers are available for this book from the Cambridge website and below. Searching inside the book is available from Amazon.

Contents, Preface, and How to use this book


Solutions to Selected Problems Full solutions to 36 of the problems in the book are openly available so that students may use them for additional study or worked examples.

Solutions to all of the problems in the book are available to instructors from the Cambridge website.

Animations of various of the figures in the book, in a Powerpoint file.

Viewgraphs for use in teaching from the book..



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