Publication # 419

419.        S. A. Claussen, K. C. Balram, E. T. Fei, T. I. Kamins, J. S. Harris, and D. A. B. Miller, "Selective area growth of germanium and germanium/silicon-germanium quantum wells in silicon waveguides for on-chip optical interconnect applications," Opt. Mater. Express 2, 1336-1342 (2012)

We propose a robust fabrication process for growing Ge and Gebased
heterostructures in growth windows with Si sidewalls which can be
applied to growth in thick Si optical waveguides. Sidewall growth is
eliminated by the presence of a dielectric spacer layer which covers the
sidewalls. We demonstrate the effectiveness of this process by selectivearea
growth of Ge and Ge/SiGe quantum wells, and show an improved
performance and increased process reliability over previous work.

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