Publication # 377

377.        H.-Y. Yu, S. Ren, W. S. Jung, A. K. Okyay, D. A. B. Miller, and K. C. Saraswat, “High-Efficiency p-i-n Photodetectors on Selective-Area-Grown Ge for Monolithic Integration,” IEEE Electron Device Lett. 30, 1161-1163 (2009)

We demonstrate normal incidence p-i-n photodiodes on selective-area-grown Ge using multiple hydrogen annealing for heteroepitaxy for the purpose of monolithic integration. An enhanced efficiency in the near-infrared regime and the absorption edge shifting to longer wavelength is achieved due to 0.14% residual tensile strain in the selective-area-grown Ge. The responsivities at 1.48, 1.525, and 1.55 mu m are 0.8, 0.7, and 0.64 A/W, respectively, without an optimal antireflection coating. These results are promising toward monolithically integrated on-chip optical links and in telecommunications.

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