Publication # 371

371.       S. Latif, S. E. Kocabas, L. Tang, C. Debaes & D. A. B. Miller, “Low capacitance CMOS silicon photodetectors for optical clock injection”, Appl. Phys. A – Materials Science and Processing 95, 1129-1135 (2009)

We have studied the response of CMOS compatible detectors fabricated in a silicon-on-sapphire (SOS) process, operated under short pulse excitation in the blue. These high speed, low capacitance detectors would be suitable for very precise, surface-normal clock injection with silicon CMOS. We characterize the capacitance of the detector structure through a combination of experimental techniques and circuit-level and electromagnetic simulations. The transit-time-limited response of the detectors is validated through pump–probe experiments. Detector response times of ∼35 ps have been measured, and devices have capacitance as low as ∼4 fF.

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