Publication # 306

V. A. Sabnis, H. V. Demir, O. Fidaner, Jun-Fei Zheng, J. S. Harris, Jr., D. A. B. Miller, N. Li, Ta-Chung Wu, H.-T. Chen and Yu-Min Houng, "Intimate monolithic integration of chip-scale photonic circuits," IEEE J. Sel. Top. Quantum Electron. 11, No. 6, 1244 1265 (2005)

In this paper, we introduce a robust monolithic integration technique for fabricating photonic integrated circuits comprising optoelectronic devices (e.g., surface-illuminated photodetectors, waveguide quantum-well modulators, etc.) that are made of completely separate epitaxial structures and possibly reside at different locations across the wafer as necessary. Our technique is based on the combination of multiple crystal growth steps, judicious placement of epitaxial etch-stop layers, a carefully designed etch sequence, and self-planarization and passivation steps to compactly integrate optoelectronic devices. This multigrowth integration technique is broadly applicable to most III-V materials and can be exploited to fabricate sophisticated, highly integrated, multifunctional photonic integrated circuits on a single substrate. As a successful demonstration of this technique, we describe integrated photonic switches that consume only a 300 /spl times/300 /spl mu/m footprint and incorporate InGaAs photodetector mesas and InGaAsP/InP quantum-well modulator waveguides separated by 50 /spl mu/m on an InP substrate. These switches perform electrically-reconfigurable optically-controlled wavelength conversion at multi-Gb/s data rates over the entire center telecommunication wavelength band.

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