Publication # 290

Yang Jiao, Shanhui Fan, David A. B. Miller, "Demonstration of Systematic Photonic Crystal Device Design and Optimization By Low Rank Adjustments: an Extremely Compact Mode Separator," Optics Letters 30, Issue 2, 141-143 (January 2005)

We present a powerful design and optimization method for devices in a photonic crystal.  The method is based on a Wannier basis field expansion and efficient matrix analysis techniques for searching through a vast number of designs.  The method enables the design of many compact optical devices with complex and novel functionalities.  We present a design example of a very compact mode separator 8.2X13.3 mm in size, which demultiplexes the 3 modes of an input photonic crystal multimode waveguide into 3 single mode output waveguides.  We verify the method with FDTD calculations.

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