Publication # 276

Aparna Bhatnagar, and David A. B. Miller, "Optical Interconnection and Clocking for Electronic Chips", Silicon Microphotonics Invited Session (0000128), The 8th World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics, Orlando, FL, July 19th, 2004 (Invited Conference Paper and Talk)

As the speed of electronic circuits approaches 10 Gb/s and beyond, the idea of bringing high speed optical signals directly to CMOS (complementary-metal-oxide-semiconductor) chips seems increasingly imminent. This convergence of electronic speeds with optical network speeds offers opportunities for using light to aid critical electrical functions in novel ways, especially in interconnects and clocking. Modelocked lasers, which emit short optical pulses, have properties which can be exploited to improve the performance of circuits, including low jitter timing sources for future multi-Gb/s electrical circuits.

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