Publication # 272

Kai Ma, R. Urata, D. A. B. Miller, and J. S. Harris, Jr., ‘Low-temperature growth of GaAs on Si used for ultrafast photoconductive switches,"  IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, 40, No. 6, 800 – 804 (June 2004)vol.40, no.6, p.800-4

GaAs was grown directly on silicon by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) at low substrate temperature (~250 degrees C). Both the silicon wafer cleaning and the GaAs film growth processes were done at temperatures lower than the Si-Al eutectic temperature to enable monolithic integration of low-temperature-GaAs photoconductive switches with finished Si-CMOS circuits. The film surfaces show less than 1 nm rms roughness and the anti-phase domain density is below the detection limit of X-ray diffraction. Metal-semiconductor-metal photoconductive switches were made using this material and were characterized using a time-resolved electrooptic sampling technique. A full-width at half-maximum switching time of ~2 ps was achieved and the responsivity of switches made from low-temperature GaAs on Si material was comparable to its counterpart on a GaAs substrate.

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