Publication # 262

V. A. Sabnis, H. V. Demir, O. Fidaner, J. S. Harris, Jr., D. A. B. Miller, J.-F. Zheng, N. Li, T.-C. Wu, H.-T. Chen, and Y.-M. Houng, "Optically-controlled electroabsorption modulators for unconstrained wavelength conversion," Applied Physics Letters,  84 (4), pp. 469-471, (2004)

We introduce a proof-of-concept, optically controlled, optical switch based on the monolithic integration of a surface-illuminated photodetector and a waveguide electroabsorption modulator. We demonstrate unconstrained wavelength conversion over the entire center telecommunication wavelength band (C band) and optical switching up to 2.5 Gbit/s with extinction ratios exceeding 10 dB. Our approach offers both high-speed, low-power, switching operation and two-dimensional array scalability for the fabrication of chip-scale reconfigurable multichannel wavelength converters.

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