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H. V. Demir, V. A. Sabnis, O. Fidaner, J. S. Harris, Jr., D. A. B. Miller, and J.-F. Zheng, "Dual-diode quantum-well modulator for C-band wavelength conversion and broadcasting," OSA Optics Express, 12(2), pp. 310-316, (2004).

We present a dual-diode, InGaAsP/InP quantum-well modulator that incorporates a monolithically-integrated, InGaAs photodiode as a part of its on-chip, InP optoelectronic circuit. We theoretically show that such a dual-diode modulator allows for wavelength conversion with 10-dB RF-extinction ratio using 7 mW absorbed optical power at 10 Gb/s. We experimentally demonstrate unlimited wavelength conversion across 45 nm between 1525 nm and 1570 nm, and dual-wavelength broadcasting over 20 nm between 1530 nm and 1565 nm, spanning the entire C-band with > 10dB RF-extinction ratio and using 3.1-6.7 mW absorbed optical power at 1.25 Gb/s

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