Publication # 237

Sameer R. Bhalotra, Helen L. Kung, Yang Jiao, David A. B. Miller, "Adaptive time-domain filtering for real-time spectral discrimination in a Michelson interferometer," Optics Lett. 27, 1147-1149 (2002)

We present a method of spectral discrimination that employs time-domain processing instead of the typical frequency-domain analysis and implement the method in a Michelson interferometer with a nonlinear mirror scan. The technique yields one analog output value per scan instead of a complete interferogram by directly filtering a measured scan with a reference function in the time domain. Such a procedure drastically reduces data-processing requirements downstream. Additionally, using prerecorded interferograms as references eliminates the need to compensate for scan nonlinearities, which broadens the field of usable components for implementation in miniaturized sensing systems. With our efficient use of known spectral signatures, we demonstrate real-time discrimination of 633- and 663-nm laser sources with a mirror scan length of 1 m m , compared with the Rayleigh criterion of 7 m m .

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