Publication # 228

H. L. Kung, S. R. Bhalotra, J. D. Mansell, D. A. B. Miller, and J. S. Harris, Jr., "Standing-Wave Transform Spectrometer Based on Integrated MEMS Mirror and Thin-Film Photodetector," IEEE J. Selected Topics Quantum Electron. 8, 98 105 (2002)

We report a novel, miniature Fourier transform spectrometer with a linear architecture that works by sampling a standing wave.  The spectrometer consists of: an electrostatically actuated MEMS mirror with on-resonance displacement of up to 65 mm, a thin-film photodetector, and an electrical back plane for actuating the mirror.  The integrated device offers mirror stability and fixed relative alignment of the three components.  The spectrometer has better than 32 nm resolution at 633 nm.

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