Publication # 182

Ashok V. Krishnamoorthy and David A. B. Miller, "Scaling Optoelectronic-VLSI Circuits into the 21st Century: A Technology Roadmap," IEEE J. Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 2 (1), 55-76 (April 1996).

Technologies now exist for implementing dense surface-normal optical interconnections for silicon CMOS VLSI using hybrid integration techniques. The critical factors in determining the performance of the resulting photonic chip are the yield on the transceiver device arrays, the sensitivity and power dissipation of the receiver and transmitter circuits, and the total optical power budget available. The use of GaAs-AlGaAs multiple-quantum-well p-i-n diodes for on-chip detection and modulation is one effective means of implementing the optoelectronic transceivers. We discuss a potential roadmap for the scaling of this hybrid optoelectronic VLSI technology as CMOS linewidths shrink and the characteristics of the hybrid optoelectronic transceiver technology improve. An important general conclusion is that, unlike electrical interconnects, such dense optical interconnections directly to an electronic circuit will likely be able to scale in capacity to match the improved performance of future CMOS technology


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