Publication # 179

A. L. Lentine, K. W. Goossen, J. A. Walker, L. M. F. Chirovsky, L. A. D'Asaro, S. P. Hui, B. T. Tseng, R. E. Leibenguth, D. P. Kossives, D. W. Dahringer, D. D. Bacon, T. K. Woodward, D. A. B. Miller, "Arrays of Optoelectronic Switching Nodes Comprised of Flip-Chip-Bonded MQW Modulators and Detectors on Silicon CMOS Circuitry" IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 8, 221-223 (1996).

We describe 8*8 arrays of smart pixels, designed and fabricated using MQW modulators and detectors flip-chip-solder-bonded to silicon CMOS circuits. The individual circuits implement 2 input, 1 output embedded control switching nodes. Four arrays from two different designs were fabricated and tested. For the array with the highest yield, 60 of 64 nodes functioned correctly at low speeds and were tested up to 250 Mb/s without re-adjusting individual bias voltages with the maximum speed of an individual node of 375 Mb/s. For the second-generation array, the center 4*8 section of the array was tested at data rates beyond 700 Mb/s with individual nodes having short term bit error rates below 10-/sup 11/


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