Publication # 174

K. W. Goossen, J. A. Walker, L. A. D'Asaro, B. Tseng, R. Leibenguth, D. Kossives, D. D. Bacon, D. Dahringer, L. M. F. Chirovsky, A. L. Lentine, D. A. B. Miller "GaAs MQW Modulators Integrated with Silicon CMOS" IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 7, 360-362, 1995.

We demonstrate integration of GaAs-AlGaAs multiple quantum well modulators to silicon CMOS circuitry via flip-chip solder-bonding followed by substrate removal. We obtain 95% device yield for 32*32 arrays of devices with 15 micron solder pads. We show operation of a simple circuit composed of a modulator and a CMOS transistor


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