Publication # 170

L. Carraresi, E.A. DeSouza, D. A. B. Miller, W. Y. Jan, and J. E. Cunningham "Wavelength-selective detector based on a quantum well in a standing wave" Appl. Phys. Lett. 64, 134-136 (1994).

We present an example of a new class of optoelectronic devices realized by placing thin absorbers in a standing wave. Using quantum wells as absorbers and measuring the photocurrent from each of them separately it is possible to realize devices which accomplish complex tasks like separately detecting more than one wavelength at the same time or measuring the wavelength of a quasimonochromatic beam. In this letter we demonstrate a wavelength-selective detector based on a single quantum well. It detects at 850 nm with a bandwidth

pdf.gif (917 bytes)Full text available for download less than 10 nm, while rejecting at the shorter wavelength of 835 nm by a factor of 120

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