Publication # 155

U. Keller, D. A. B. Miller, G. D. Boyd, T. H. Chiu, J. F. Ferguson, and M. T. Asom "Solid-state low-loss intracavity saturable absorber for Nd:YLF lasers: an antiresonant semiconductor Fabry-Perot saturable absorber" Optics Letters, 17, 505-507 (1992).

The authors introduce a new low-loss fast intracavity semiconductor Fabry-Perot saturable absorber operated at anti-resonance both to start and sustain stable mode locking of a CW-pumped Nd:YLF laser. They achieved a 3.3-ps pulse duration at a 220-MHz repetition rate. The average output power was 700 mW wit 2 W of CW-pump power from a Ti:sapphire laser. At pump powers of less than 1.6 W the laser self-Q switches and produces 4-ps pulses within a 1.4- mu s Q-switched pulse at an approximately=150-kHz repetition rate determined by the relaxation oscillation of the Nd:YLF laser. Both modes of operation are stable. In terms of coupled-cavity mode locking, the intracavity antiresonant Fabry-Perot saturable absorber corresponds to monolithic resonant passive mode locking

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