Publication # 149

A. L. Lentine, S. J. Hinterlong, T. J. Cloonan, F. B. McCormick, D. A. B. Miller, L. M. F. Chirovsky, L. A. D'Asaro, R. F. Kopf, J. M. Kuo "Quantum well optical tri-state devices" Applied Optics, 29, 1157-1160, (1990).

The authors demonstrate quantum well tri-state logic devices for possible use in optical bus architectures. These optical devices are analogous to the tri-state devices often used in electronic buses, where each device can be actively on, actively off, or disabled with at most one device on the bus active at a time. They show two methods of generating these tri-state data, one using tri-state quantum well modulators and one using optical tri-state self-electrooptic effect devices, and they demonstrate a simple optical bus consisting of two such devices. Finally, they comment on the limitations on the number of devices that can be connected to a bus of this type

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