Publication # 124

K. W. Goossen, E. A. Caridi. T. Y. Chang, J. B. Stark, D. A. B. Miller, R. A. Morgan, "Observation of Room-Temperature Blue Shift and Bistability in a Strained InGaAs-GaAs (111) Self-Electro-Optic Effect Device" Applied Physics Letters, 56, 715-717, (1990).

The authors have observed room-temperature exciton blue shift with applied voltage in a (111) In/sub 0.1/Ga/sub 0.9/As-GaAs p-i-n multiple quantum well modulator. They have also observed optically induced bistability in a symmetric self-electro-optic effect device circuit composed of these modulators. Very large (2.5:1) ratios of photocurrent were obtained with only 0-3 V applied bias

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