Publication # 118

D. Y. Oberli, J. Shah, T. C. Damen, C. W. Tu, T. Y. Chang, D. A. B. Miller, J. E. Henry, R. F. Kopf, N. Sauer, and A. E. Digiovanni, "Direct measurement of resonant and nonresonant tunneling times in asymmetric coupled quantum wells" Phys. Rev. B., 40, 3028-3031, (1989).

The authors have directly measured the tunneling times in an asymmetric coupled double-quantum-well structure using subpicosecond luminescence spectroscopy. They observe a strong dependence of the nonresonant tunneling times on the barrier thickness. The most striking feature of the data is a drastic reduction of the tunneling time and then a further increase as an applied electric field sweeps electron levels in the two wells through a resonance. The measured resonant tunneling time is considerably longer than the estimated coherent tunneling time

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