Publication # 117

L. M. F. Chirovsky, L. A. D'Asaro, C. W. Tu, A. L. Lentine, G. D. Boyd, D. A. B. Miller, "Batch-Fabricated Symmetric Self-Electro-Optic Effect Devices," OSA Proceedings on Photonic Switching, ed. J. E. Midwinter and H. S. Hinton, 3, 1-6, (1989).

The Symmetric Self Electro-optic Effect Device has been previously shown to have the minimum of the device characteristics neccessary for digital optics systems and many additional desirable features. We describe here the design and fabrication of arrays of Symmetric Self Electro-optic Effect Devices with an internal dielectric mirror. Advantages of this design compared to previous transmissive designs include: amenability to batch fabrication, shorter switching times, increased output beam contrast and better heat-sinking. We present details of the necessary epitaxial growth, the dielectric mirror design, the device structure, the array layouts, the fabrication techniques and the testing performed. The results of the testing show that large arrays of relective Symmetric Self Electro-optic Effect Devices can be batch fabricated and that these arrays are suitable for system tests.

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