Publication # 115

D. A. B. Miller, "Optical Switching Devices: Some Basic Concepts," in "Optical Computing, ed. B. S. Wherrett and F. A. P. Tooley, Proceedings of the 34th Scottish Universities Summer School in Physics, Edinburgh, August 1988 (Scottish Universities Summer School in Physics, Edinburgh, 1989; Adam Hilger, Bristol, 1989) pp 55-70.

The different types of optical switching devices can operate on many different principles and can perform many different functions; the author gives a qualitative overview of this field. Some of the concepts in the field are explained both in the physical principles and types of devices and in the requirements that systems impose on devices. The importance of considering devices in the context of systems is emphasized. The author discusses nonlinear optical processes in general, reviews some physical attributes of devices, and summarizes some systems requirements on devices

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