Publication # 101

C. Klingshirn, C. Weber, H.-E. Swoboda, R. Renner, F. A. Majumder, M. Kunz, M. Rinker, H. Schwab and M. Wegener, "Photo-electronic optical nonlinearities in three - and quasi two - dimensional semiconductors," Proc. SPIE "Nonlinear Optical Materials," 1017, 32-40, (1988).

We report here on photo-electronic nonlinearities in direct gap semiconductors, especially those connected with the transition from a low-density gas of excitons to an electron-hole plasma. We consider both three-dimensional and quasi two-dimensional semiconductors and compare both systems. Finally we show that these photo-electronic optical non-linearities can be used to obtain various types of optical bistability.

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