Publication # 094

D. S. Chemla, I. Bar-Joseph, J. M. Kuo, T. Y. Chang, C. Klingshirn, G. Livescu, and D. A. B. Miller, "Modulation of absorption in field-effect quantum well structures," IEEE J. Quantum Electron., 24, 1664-1676, (1988).

Experimental and theoretical investigations of the absorption in a single-modulation-doped quantum well (QW) used as conducting channel of a field-effect transistor are presented. By applying a voltage to the gate, the electron concentration can be varied between 0 and approximately 10/sup 12/ cm/sup -2/. The continuous transition can be optically followed from an undoped to a highly doped QW. Effects of band filling are observed, along with renormalized effects at the first subband edge and electrostatic effects at the higher ones. It is shown that optical techniques can give in situ information on the electron density and temperature as well as on the electrostatic fields inside field-effect structures

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