Publication # 089

A. L. Lentine, H. S. Hinton, D. A. B. Miller, J. E. Henry, J. E. Cunningham, and L. M. F. Chirovsky, "Symmetric self-electro-optic effect device: Optical set-reset latch," Appl. Phys. Lett., 52, 1419-1421, (1988).

The authors demonstrate an integrated symmetric self-electro-optic effect device consisting of two quantum well p-i-n diodes electrically connected in series. The device acts as a bistable optical memory element with individual set (S) and reset (R) inputs and complementary outputs (optical S-R latch). The switching point is determined by the ratio of the two inputs, making the device insensitive to optical power supply fluctuations when both power beams are derived from the same source. The device also shows time-sequential gain in that the state can be set using low-power beams and read out with subsequent high-power beams. The device showed bistability for voltages greater than 3 V, incident optical switching energy densities of approximately 16 fJ/ mu m/sup 2/, and was tested to a switching time of 40 ns

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