Publication # 063

D. A. B. Miller, D. S. Chemla, T. C. Damen, T. H. Wood, C. A. Burrus, A. C. Gossard and W. Wiegmann, "The Quantum Well Self-Electrooptic Effect Device: Optoelectronic Bistability and Oscillation, and Self Linearized Modulation," IEEE J. Quantum Electron. QE-21, 1462-1476 (1985).

Extended experimental and theoretical results are reported for the quantum well self-electrooptic effect devices. Four modes of operation are demonstrated: optical bistability; electrical bistability; simultaneous optical and electronic self-oscillation; and self-linearized modulation and optical level shifting. All of these can be observed at room-temperature with a CW laser diode as the light source. The nature of the optoelectronic feedback underlying the operation of the devices is discussed, and the physical mechanisms which give rise to the very low optical switching energy ( approximately 4 fJ/ mu m/sup 2/) are discussed

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