Publication # 008

D. A. B. Miller, S. D. Smith and A. Johnston, "Optical Bistability and Transistor Action in a Semiconductor Crystal," Proc. 4th National Quantum Electronics Conference, Edinburgh, 1979 (ed. B. S. Wherrett) (Wiley London, 1980), 241-244.

Reports the first realisation of an optically bistable device in a semiconductor crystal as well as observation of differential gain both in one beam and, via the modulation of the transmission of one laser beam by a second, in a two beam system. This latter device is analogous to the three terminal transistor and, operating by transferred phase thickness, the authors term it a 'transphasor'. The basic optical element is a crystal of pure InSb 580 mu m thick with polished plane parallel faces held at 5K in a helium cryostat

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