Publication # 002

D. A. B. Miller, M. H. Mozolowski, A. Miller and S. D. Smith, "Nonlinear Optical Effects in InSb with a cw CO Laser," Optics Commun. 27, 133-136 (1978)

The first observations of three non-linear optical effects near the band gap in InSb at 4K and 77K have been made, at very low light intensities, using a c.w. CO laser with a novel attenuator system. Non-linear refraction and absorption are found to increase strongly with intensity above 30 W/cm/sup 2/ and, in addition at 4K, the absorption decreases markedly for intensities from 1 mW/cm/sup 2/ to 30 W/cm/sup 2/ and thereafter increases. Possible origins of these effects are discussed

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