Introduction to the Space Environment: EE249

EE249: Introduction to the Space Environment

This class provides a comprehensive introduction to the near-earth space environment and the various methods (radio and other electromagnetic waves; electric and magnetic instrumentation on space probes) currently used to derive information about it.

The various tools used to probe the space environment electromagnetically are discussed:

as are the properties of the near-earth environment itself:

Also studied are:

The class will consider the application of the various probing tools to current experimental programs in the near-earth space environment, and the planning and execution of experiments in space.

Prerequisites: familiarity with electromagnetics at the level of EE142 and senior or graduate standing.

3 units, Autumn (Fraser-Smith) alternate years. Usually would be given 2009-2010 (Monday/Wednesday/Friday 1:15 pm) but cancelled by the Department as an economy measure.


Introduction to the Space Environment, by Thomas F. Tascione, 2nd Edition, Krieger Publishing, Florida, 1994.

Supplementary Reading:

The Solar-Terrestrial Environment, by J. K. Hargreaves, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, England, 1992.

Web Sites:

There are a number of interesting and useful Web pages that describe the space environment near the earth in some detail and which have high quality pictures. For example:

The Space Telescope Science Institute provides a comprehensive listing of pointers to astronomy-related information.

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