Spotlight Profiles

Professor Eric Pop

During his freshman year, Professor Eric Pop wanted to be an astrophysicist. Then he took his first semiconductor course and was hooked. Today, Professor Pop continues to explore nanoscale semiconductors from applications to far-out ideas.

Himanshu Asnani, PhD '14

Information Systems & Science

Alumnus Himanshu Asnani, PhD, is passionate about Electrical Engineering. Fascinated by physics in high school, he began developing his expertise in communication systems, and eventually chose it as his doctoral research area. In addition to completion of his PhD, Himanshu also received the Marconi Society Young Scholars Award in 2014.

Miles Bennett, B.S. '15, M.S. '16

Physical Technology and Science; Information Systems and Science

EE is the perfect fit for problem-solver Miles Bennett. Seeking a union of his interests, he chose EE for its intellectually stimulating combination of applied mathematics, physics, and computer science. For Miles, EE was the answer to his quest for a comprehensive program.

Professor Jonathan Fan

Electrical Engineering Professor Jonathan Fan encourages students to dream big, work hard, and make it happen!

Professor Rivas talking with students at EE Grad Student orientation

Professor Juan Rivas-Davila

Electrical Engineering Professor Juan Rivas-Davila loves being in the midst of top-notch Stanford students, world-class research facilities and within a community brimming with entrepreneurial attitudes.

image of Mersina Simanski (BS '15)

Mersina Simanski, B.S. '15

Biomedical Devices & Systems

Senior undergraduate, Mersina Simanski, pursues her interest in device design by applying electrical engineering skills to unmet medical needs.

image of Maisy Wieman

Maisy Wieman, B.S. '14, M.S. '15

Signal Processing & Multimedia

Maisy Wieman (Coterm BS '14, MS '15) is a lover of math. Discovering the potential of EE through the "amazing intro-level classes offered by the department," she earned her BS in 2014 and will complete her MS in 2015. Her interests include public speaking and she is a co-founder of "Fuse," a group for EE undergraduates.


Nick McKeown

Professor Nick McKeown

Kleiner Perkins, Mayfield, and Sequoia Capital Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Nick McKeown had an early passion for engineering despite advice from his UK high school counselor to do "something creative" instead. Since then, he's become a world-renowned expert in techniques to improve the Internet.

Jaime Lien

Jaime Lien, PhD '14

Signal Processing & Multimedia

Passionate fifth-year PhD student Jaime Lien considers herself "lucky" to be a founding member and current president of the Stanford Graduate Students in Electrical Engineering (GSEE) student organization. She is also busy working toward her dream of a career in signal and image processing technology.