Maisy Wieman

 Maisy Wieman

Maisy Wieman (Coterm BS '14, MS '15) is a lover of math. Discovering the potential of EE through the "amazing intro-level classes offered by the department," she earned her BS in 2014 and will complete her MS in 2015. Her interests include public speaking and she is a co-founder of "Fuse," a group for EE undergraduates.


Program: B.S. '14, M.S. '15
Research Area(s):
Signal Processing & Multimedia

How did you become interested in your research area?

I absolutely love math, and since high school I've known I wanted to apply math to solve problems. I stumbled across EE by accident when I signed up for Professor Osgood's Sophomore College course because it had math in the title. That was the first time I saw the Fourier Transform, and it was love at first sight. Since then, I've been pursuing signal processing and communications courses. The ability to make sense of a very complicated signal is incredibly powerful, and signal processing techniques have applications in many emerging and evolving technologies.

Explain a project you're currently working on.

I am currently taking a machine learning course, and for the final project I aim to analyze vocal patterns in sound clips. This project is a really great way of applying not only the theory learned in the machine learning, but also the really cool signal processing techniques that I have learned in other classes… and I jump at any chance to look at signals in the frequency domain!

Why did you choose Stanford EE?

As an undergrad, I chose Stanford before I even knew what major I wanted to pursue. In addition to the beautiful weather, Stanford boasts brilliant faculty and students, and is highly ranked in a broad range of fields. This academic diversity has given me the opportunity to meet people and take classes in a wide range of subjects. A little over a year later the EE Department reeled me in with the promise of math. The amazing intro-level classes offered by the department cemented my desire to declare EE and helped me to find my “calling” of signal processing.

What other activities are you involved with on campus?

Mersina Simanski (BS '15) and I are kicking off a new group for undergraduates in EE called "Fuse." Through this group, we hope to foster a sense of community amongst the undergrads of the EE department. A new interest that I am getting more active in is public speaking—I am in training to help section lead the public speaking course for engineers. During internships and school, I've seen the importance of communication skills, and think that this is a fun opportunity that will also help me to be a better engineer.

What are your career plans?

At this point, I'm unsure of my future plans. I would love to do something involving math, but whether that ends up being audio processing or communications or something else entirely is yet to be determined!