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EE Student Information, Spring Quarter through Academic Year 2020-2021: FAQs and Updated EE Course List.

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  1. Enabling Large-scale Integrated Photonic Systems on Chip

    ... since then he has been with the MIT Photonic Microsystems Group as a postdoctoral researcher. He recently joined Intel Labs as a Research ...
    Updated : 3 years 10 months 2 weeks ago

  2. A theory of architecture and co-design for cyber-physical systems

    ... analogs of prominent approaches such as the Lasso, the Group Lasso, the Elastic Net, and others that are employed in structured ...
    Updated : 3 years 10 months 2 weeks ago

  3. Debugging the Gender Gap: Changing the Face of Technology

    ... to grow? What will society gain from having a more diverse group programming the products upon which we so heavily depend? CODE ...
    Updated : 6 years 3 months 2 days ago

  4. Dynamics of Exponentials in Circuits and Systems [SystemX Seminar]

    ... of the communication and mixed-signal processing research group at Bell Laboratories until 1997and Professor-In-Residence at UC Berkeley. ...
    Updated : 3 years 9 months 6 days ago

  5. Special Seminar: Designing (Relatively) Reliable Systems with (Highly) Unreliable Components

    ... University of Singapore, where he leads the Green IC group and the Integrated Circuits and Embedded Systems area (80+ people). ...
    Updated : 3 years 12 months 15 hours ago

  6. Staff Gift Card Program, January '17

    ...   Nominate a deserving staff person or group today! We encourage you to nominate individuals or groups that have made ...
    Updated : 4 years 19 hours 53 min ago

  7. Languages for Physical Human-Robot Interaction

    ...  (DII) of the University of Pisa,  leads the Robotics  group at the  Research Center "E. Piaggio'' of the University of Pisa since ...
    Updated : 5 years 2 weeks 1 day ago

  8. Staff Gift Card Program Awardees, May '16

    ... Suki cares greatly about the well-being of our group. She strives to keep everything running smoothly. She is always a ...
    Updated : 4 years 6 months 2 weeks ago

  9. From chocolate to mice, the darknet to facial expressions, chatbots to humanitarians, and so forth [EE380]

    ... initiatives. Prior to this position, he was Research Group Leader at Hydro-Québec and co-founded a company in Montréal (Canada). ...
    Updated : 4 years 1 week 2 days ago

  10. A multimodality CMOS cellular interfacing array for holistic cellular characterizations and cell-based drug screening [SystemX Seminar]

    ... of the School of ECE at Georgia Tech. His research group Georgia Tech Electronics and Micro-System (GEMS) lab has won multiple ...
    Updated : 3 years 8 months 1 day ago