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  1. EE380 Computer Systems Colloquium

    ... the Materials Science and Engineering Department. There his group made a breakthrough in the manufacture of nanostructured silicon ...
    Updated : 5 years 3 months 2 weeks ago

  2. SCIEN Colloquia

    ... into an otherwise happy life. The Stanford Biomedical Optics group, led by Professor Audrey Bowden, aims to develop and deploy novel optical ...
    Updated : 5 years 4 months 2 days ago

  3. SCIEN

    ... and worked in 1996-1998 as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the group of Professor Lambertus Hesselink at the Department of Electrical ...
    Updated : 5 years 3 months 2 weeks ago

  4. Nighttime radiative cooling

    ... and Energy Project (GCEP) has awarded Professor Shanui Fan's group funding to develop new techniques for cooling buildings. Fan ...
    Updated : 5 years 4 months 3 weeks ago

  5. EE PhD Candidates Steven Bell and Jayant Charthad receive Centennial TA Award

    ... lead faculty, the course was re-vamped and taught to a small group of students in Spring of 2014. By Fall quarter, 120 students were ...
    Updated : 5 years 4 months 3 weeks ago

  6. Professor Ellerbee's Students Receive Recognition

    ... a research assistant at the Stanford Biomedical Optics group; Professor Ellerbee's research lab. The majority of Kristen's work is ...
    Updated : 5 years 4 months 3 weeks ago

  7. DiscoverEE Days 2015: Research Poster Session Winners

    ... environment. Poster judging was done by a small group of faculty and staff. Judges offered each presenter an opportunity to ...
    Updated : 5 years 4 months 3 weeks ago

  8. SystemX Seminar

    ... in "real-time biosensors." As examples, we will present our group's work on continuously measuring anti-cancer and anti-bacterial drugs in ...
    Updated : 5 years 5 months 6 days ago

  9. SmartGrid Seminar

    ... introduce his vision and work developed within his research group that focus on the application and exploration of emerging Information and ...
    Updated : 4 years 7 months 4 days ago

  10. EE380 Computer Systems Colloquium

    ... In order to address these issues, the IETF TLS Working Group is currently developing a major revision of TLS, dubbed "TLS 1.3". TLS ...
    Updated : 5 years 5 months 3 weeks ago