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  1. 2018 REU Seminar Series, #2

    ... In this talk, I will explain the research directions of my group as well as some of the challenges we face designing converters in the HF ...
    Updated : 3 months 3 weeks 4 days ago

  2. Eighth annual flagship event of the Japan - U.S. Innovation Awards Program

    ... Quanttus, in 2015, and a year later joined Apple's Health Group before returning to Nest in 2017 as CTO. Please come to hear from one ...
    Updated : 4 months 2 weeks 1 day ago

  3. SystemX Seminar: Hardware Opportunities for AI/Cognitive Computing

    ... for analog volatile and non-volatile memory. I review our group's work towards neuromorphic chips for the hardware acceleration of training and inference of Fully-Connected DNNs [1-5]. Our group uses arrays of emerging non-volatile memories (NVM), such as Phase Change ...
    Updated : 4 months 4 weeks 18 hours ago

  4. SmartGrid Seminar: Future Power System Control Functions: An Industry Perspective

    ... Bio: Ulrich Muenz leads the Research Group Autonomous Systems and Control at Siemens Corporate Technology in ...
    Updated : 4 months 3 weeks 1 day ago

  5. OSA/SPIE Seminar: Computational Optics for Multidimensional Nanoscale Imaging of Single Fluorescent Molecules

    ... Lab and a postdoctoral appointment in the de la Zerda group at Stanford. Professor Lew is a recipient of a 2017 NSF CAREER Award for ...
    Updated : 4 months 3 weeks 3 days ago

  6. SystemX Seminar: Brain-machine Interfaces: From basic science and engineering to clinical trials

    ... signals for prosthetic devices. I will describe some of our group's recent investigations into basic motor neurophysiology focused on ...
    Updated : 5 months 2 days 14 hours ago

  7. PhD candidate Sarah Hooper receives 2018 Hertz-Gates Fellowship in Global Health and Development

    ... physics. "The 2018 fellowship awardees are an outstanding group of students, with diverse talents and an extraordinary drive to reach new ...
    Updated : 4 months 4 weeks 1 day ago

  8. Theory Seminar presents Ilya Soloveychik

    ... Shashwat Silas STANFORD THEORY GROUP Graduate Seminar / Colloquium ...
    Updated : 8 months 3 weeks 3 days ago

  9. SCIEN & EE 292E: LiDAR Technology for Autonomous Vehicles

    ... Engineering at Stanford University, where he and his group researched various methods of nanometer-scale silicon processing, and as ...
    Updated : 5 months 2 days 14 hours ago

  10. Social Entrepreneurship and Tech Innovation Advancing Sustainable Development Goals in South Asia

    ... Platform and Founding Chair of the Tech Advisory Group for Stanford Handa Center for Human Rights. She also sits on the ...
    Updated : 5 months 2 days 13 hours ago