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  1. SCIEN Talk

    ... staff in the Sensor Technology and System Applications group and is a research affiliate with the Camera Culture Group at MIT Media Laboratory. She is an active member in the OSA, SPIE, IEEE, ...
    Updated : 1 year 11 months 2 weeks ago

  2. The Reality of Solar

    ... president and general manager of the Business Connectivity Group of 3Com Corp., a network solutions company, and has also held a number of ... Inc., Silver Spring Networks, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, and is a member of the Marquette University board of trustees. Werner ...
    Updated : 3 years 6 months 1 week ago

  3. OSA Special Seminar

    ... guest scientist at the University Autónoma de Madrid in the group of Prof. Mercedes Carrascosa in 2009 and at Stanford University in the group of Prof. Marty Fejer in 2012. Since 2014, Niklas Waasem works for the ...
    Updated : 1 year 11 months 2 weeks ago

  4. Understanding the Value of Distributed Energy Resources: New Methods and Insights for Electricity Economics, Planning, and Operations [SmartGrid]

    ... as co-president of MIT's Electricity Students Research Group. Graduate Seminar / Colloquium SmartGrid ...
    Updated : 1 year 7 months 3 weeks ago

  5. Special Seminar: Designing (Relatively) Reliable Systems with (Highly) Unreliable Components

    ... University of Singapore, where he leads the Green IC group and the Integrated Circuits and Embedded Systems area (80+ people). ...
    Updated : 1 year 8 months 2 weeks ago

  6. Staff Gift Card Program, January '17

    ...   Nominate a deserving staff person or group today! We encourage you to nominate individuals or groups that have made ...
    Updated : 1 year 8 months 3 weeks ago

  7. From chocolate to mice, the darknet to facial expressions, chatbots to humanitarians, and so forth [EE380]

    ... initiatives. Prior to this position, he was Research Group Leader at Hydro-Québec and co-founded a company in Montréal (Canada). ...
    Updated : 1 year 9 months 2 days ago

  8. SmartGrid Seminar

    ... a large-scale randomized control trial in which one group of households is given the option to opt-in to time-based pricing while another group is defaulted into the program but allowed to opt-out. We provide dramatic ...
    Updated : 2 years 11 months 3 days ago

  9. SCIEN Talk

    ... Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford's Computational Imaging group. He received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Toronto in 2016 on ... was a visiting student at the MIT Media Lab's Camera Culture group in 2011. His work was the recipient of two "Best Paper Honorable Mention" ...
    Updated : 2 years 2 weeks 3 days ago

  10. EE292L Seminar: Moore’s Law at Fifty: No End in Sight

    ... Singh is an Intel Fellow in the Technology and Manufacturing Group, and Director of the Computational Lithography Department in Logic ... was appointed team leader for the Resist and Applications Group in 1996, and was appointed overall leader of the Lithography Modeling ...
    Updated : 2 years 6 months 1 week ago