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REU Program


The Electrical Engineering department at Stanford University invites undergraduates with an EE major to participate in its REU Summer Program from June to August. The program is designed to give undergraduates an opportunity to work with members of the EE Faculty and their research groups on advanced research topics.

Program Structure

The program is designed to give both an in-depth research experience on a particular topic, as well as a broad hands-on exposure to various areas within EE.

Bi-weekly seminars are offered to cover a wide range of topics. The seminar series lecturers are comprised of EE faculty and/or guest(s). Discussions will include topics such as graduate education, internships and career opportunities.


The last week of the summer program will be devoted to writing a final report and creating a poster on the research project. The students will present their projects at a poster fair, in which the to the EE community will be invited.


REU interns will receives a summer stipend. Students are required to secure their own housing for the summer.  As a program affiliate, REU interns will have the option of enrolling in on-campus summer housing. Interns also have the option to live off-campus; however, we strongly recommend that students enroll in the on‐campus housing option. As part of the living requirement, students will need to acquire a campus-dining plan if they live on campus.

Please note that if students choose to arrange their own housing off-campus, they will also have to be prepared to pay associated expenses prior to receiving their REU stipend, since the stipend will come shortly after the start of REU.

To apply for Summer housing, submit an application for summer housing with the Housing Assignment Services Office. Please consult the housing office for more information regarding summer housing deadlines or visit their website.

Application Procedure

  1. Review the available REU projects for 2014: REU 2014 Project Descriptions
  2. Apply at the following link: REU 2014 Student Application
  3. The application deadline has been extended to 2/18/14.  The original application dates were 1/17/14 to 2/10/14.
  4. If you have any questions about the application or the logistics of the REU program, email Meo Kittiwanich at

Tips for the Application

  1. Before you fill out the application, review the available projects and select up to 8 preferences, including your first choice. First choice preferences are optional. Each number represents a project number (i.e. 1 = project 1; 2 = project 2). To submit your choices, you will need to use the following numbering scheme: 0 = not interested; 1 = interested (select up to 8); 2 = first choice (optional).
  2. There will be two essay questions. Prepare your answers on a separate document. After you complete the essay questions, fill out the application. It will be easier to copy and paste your answers. There is no minimum or maximum limit to the essay questions; however, your answers are heavily weighted in the application process. The essay questions can be viewed by clicking on the application link.
  3. Adding attachments: Please upload your resume and transcript as PDF documents entitled, "Transcript_Last name, First name" and "Resume_Last name, First name".
  4. Please note that if you submit the form and you have to go back and fill in required fields, you must upload the attachment again. If the form was not correctly filled out, the attachment will disappear when the form is reloaded. 
  5. Once the application is submitted, changes cannot be made.


Eligible candidates must be enrolled at Stanford University. REU participants must declare Electrical Engineering (EE) as their undergraduate major or must be willing to declare EE by the end of Spring Quarter if a position is accepted as an REU student for summer quarter. With the exception of co-terms, in order to be eligible, students may not be seniors when they apply. In the event that the number of applicants exceeds the number of spaces available, preference is given to first-time participants.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact: